Tamra Barney

Tamra will apologize until she's blue in the face about Shannon, but she's choosing to focus on her family.

on Jul 22

So much has happened since I last did a blog. To be honest, with you the only thing that matters to me right now after watching this episode is my family. We honestly have been through hell and back this year.

I can say I am sorry until I am blue in the face for telling Heather about the email and people will still rip me apart. I got it.  I was wrong for not admitting to Shannon right away that I did tell Heather. I honestly thought because it was going to be out there anyway that it was OK to tell Heather -- until I saw the look on Shannon's face at that moment. I knew immediately that I was wrong and tried to call her in her car on the way home. I continued to call her until she agreed to go to dinner with me. I might have a big mouth, but I know when I am wrong and I have no problem saying I am sorry.

Terry saying he was going to "take the Beadors down": I have no Idea where that came from. I have racked my brain and even thought to myself "Did that somehow come out of my mouth?" But I know those exact words never left my lips. I had a few conversations with Shannon in the beginning of the Season about how the Dubrows and the Beadors do not get along. Could I have said jokingly "Watch out Shannon, the Dubrows are going to take you down"? Terry does not even talk like that! Shannon had said to me that I told her and David, so at dinner that night I point blank asked David if he ever heard me say that and he said "NO!" 


It hurts me that Vicki would back up that statement, and if she really believed I said that -- then why didn't she say anything that night at the beach house? Why did she wait until she was in her interview to say that? Why? Because I never said that to her! Vicki seems to be stabbing me in the back in her interviews every chance she can. I have been very careful to not bring Brooks' name up at all this season out of respect for Vicki. I was asked by Shannon and Lizzie how I felt about Brooks and I spoke the truth "I feel like there is someone better for her and I don't think he is a good guy." If you remember, the last time I saw Brooks was at the Reunion last year -- when Briana dropped that bomb. I decided that I would give Brooks another chance, and I did. Vicki continues to blame me for Briana not liking Brooks, which is a total joke to me. Briana knew Brooks and made up her mind way before I ever met him. And it doesn't look like she will be changing her mind any time soon. I guess it is easier for Vicki to blame me then to blame her own family?