The First 'Wives Club

After Shannon and David's awkward dinner party (part 2), Vicki has everyone over for "fakesgiving." Heather and Tamra make up over lunch, and Vicki tells Briana she's seeing Brooks again.

on Apr 28

Now that the tears are dry from Episode 2 of Season 9 of the Real Housewives of Orange County, it's time to get to important matters: Brooks. That's right, Vicki's boyfriend is back in the picture, and she has to break the news to Briana. There's also more awkward dinner party action at Shannon and David's, and Heather and Tamra make up. Let's take a look at the GIFs!

As everyone sat and watched as Shanon and David started bickering (again), Vicki attempted her slyest poker face to get through the uncomfortableness. She should be a detective.

When everyone's chatting "how we met" stories, Heather said she wasn't into Terry at first because he was "a plastic surgeon with a Porsche." Tamra has another word for that.

The best way to ease the tension? A little in-home basketball (thanks to the Beadors' massive house)! Or, you know, whatever game Vicki is playing.

Nothing but net! Just kidding, no one was anywhere close to the basket.

While the b-ball game was under way, Shannon and Tamra bonded over -- what else -- booze. That's the spirit, Tamra. Pun intended.

Yikes -- when Heather made a jab at Tamra about trying one of Shannon's "morning after" hangover pills, Tamra did not appreciate it. There's something about a lady sitting on a counter flipping the bird in a multi-million dollar home that feels so right.