The First 'Wives Club

After Shannon and David's awkward dinner party (part 2), Vicki has everyone over for "fakesgiving." Heather and Tamra make up over lunch, and Vicki tells Briana she's seeing Brooks again.

on Apr 28

File that dinner party under: Definitely not Heather's favorite. She was feeling a little less than loved by the time she and Terry left. The middle finger can do that to a person.

Tamra stopped by Vicki's for a quick kiki, and the topic turned to Heather's know-it-all-ness pretty quickly. Tamra explained that she doesn't want to fight with Heather, but she just might have to --  Vcki's advice on the subject is short and sweet.

Meanwhile, at the Beadors...

Later at Briana's, Vicki dropped the Brooks bomb -- she told Briana that she and her on-again, off-again BF are on again. Briana, who doesn't have the strongest relationship with the guy, tells her mom how she really feels. And Vicki doesn't back down.

Back to another crisis: Vicki's "fakesgiving" dinner. Here's Shannon's face when she sees the gizzards. Shannon, we know, but what do you think makes stuffing so delicious? Turkey insides, duh.