The First 'Wives Club

Heather's fighting with Tamra and Shannon, Lizzie's stirring the pot and Vicki's staying out of it.

on Jun 6

Welcome back to the RHOC GIF recap! At the beginning of this week's episode, we followed up with Tamra's doctor's visit from last week. She's trying out some hormone therapy because, as she said, "Women at my age start going..." Well, not according to Botox!

We also caught up with Heather who's prepping for her big hosting gig on Good Day L.A. "It's good for casting directors and producers to rememebr that I'm out here. Out here... hi!"

Now, time to get into it: Shannon's Christmas party. Tamra showed up in a revealing black one-piece, because nothing says "O, Come, All Ye Faithful" like a little cleavage.

As always, Shannon pulled out all the stops for her party, inviting a sugar sculptor who made things like this traditional Christmas...unicorn?

Vicki was also there, being her charmingly inappropriate self. She asked these two strangers if they were sleeping together. (They were not -- that guy's gay.)

It wasn't long before sh** hit the fan. Or, in Shannon's words, before the "f***ing bullsh**" hit the fan.

Lizzie attempted to play mediator as two different fights were underway. So we're clear: The first fight involved the underlying tension between Heather and Shannon. The second fight was about Heather inviting another Orange County gym (not CUT Fitness) on to Good Day L.A. during a previous hosting gig -- Heather says she had no say in the matter, Tamra seems to think otherwise.