The First 'Wives Club

Heather, Tamra and Vicki got wild in Hawaii (#surfboardgifs), and we met a new Housewife, Shannon.

on Apr 14

Welcome back to the Real Housewives of Orange County! On the ninth season premiere, we caught up with all the ladies, met a new Housewife, and LOLed at Vicki's surf skills. We break it all down for you in our GIF-cap.

First up, Vicki's doing well! She's still running Coto Insurance, she's still whooping it up, and yes, Brooks is still around. (More on that later in the season.) Vicki assured us she's a "work in progress."

More good news: Her daughter, Brianna, is pregnant for the second time! Let her tell you herself:

Tamra's back and looking great, thanks in part to the fitness studio she runs with new hubbie, Eddie Judge. She gave us an update on her home life, her work life and her on-again, off-again friendship with Gretchen, which is...over.

Heather's back too, and things are going very well in the Dubrow household. So well that the Dubrow's are actually building a whole new house! (Take a look at the tour of their soon-to-be giant new home.) They're living -- where else -- in a very enormous rental in the mean time. 

Heather's acting career has picked up a bit from last season, and that includes her guest starring role on Hawaii Five-O. You know where they shoot that, right? Bingo. Hawaii. Time to get lei'd!