Vicki Gunvalson

Though there were many tears this episode, Vicki has no regrets about how she's living her life and who she's spending it with.

on Apr 22

Welcome back to episode #2. I hope you all enjoyed seeing Tamra and I back to having fun together as I really missed her. I loved Hawaii as it was just the three of us, and I believe three is the maximum amount when going on a "girls" trip. More than that just causes chaos. Mine and Tamra's mission was to get Heather to loosen up a little bit, get a little "tipsy" and hopefully get her to dance on a bar top -- we didn't succeed! Ugh...

Tamra and her silly themed parties. When she told me she was having a "spooky" party I was like, "What the heck does that mean?" I'm not really into the whole Halloween theme, ghosts, monsters, dead people, mummies... so it was hard for me to dress up that way. I thought instead I'd wear a black dress and a cross! This way I'd keep all the bad things away from me. It worked!

When Tamra told us how hard it was for her to share her children 50-percent of the time with Simon, I felt so bad for her. Having the void of not having the three kids around when they are at their dad's I'm sure is huge. Since Eddie doesn't have kids, I can understand why she would consider having a baby with him so he can understand the love that a parent has towards their child. It's indescribable. It doesn't seem like Eddie wants a child right now, so it seems like Tamra should just put that aside.

When I was divorced from my children's father, I received 100-percent custody of the kids, which I loved. I couldn't imagine having them split between the two homes and only having them 50-percent of the time. I know how much her children mean to her, and I know how difficult the time that they spend apart has is so difficult on her.