What’s Vicki Gunvalson’s Daughter Briana Up To? Hanging with Cute Dogs in North Carolina!

We make like Steve Lodge and investigate!

It all started with Grandpa Donn, or Grampy D, for those in the know. During one of our regular insomnia fueled Instagram deep dives we stumbled upon a photo of The Real Housewives of Orange County’s Vicki Gunvalson’s ex-husband Donn Gunvalson visiting his grandkids in North Carolina. The photo adorably showed Donn bonding with Troy and Owen, the children of Briana and Ryan Culberson in their new home in North Carolina. It warmed our hearts knowing that the family was still close, but then what’s that? The Culbersons also have some cute dogs. 

Yup, we came for Grandpa Donn content and we stayed for cute dogs. Story of our lives. 

We wanted to know more about the dogs of the Culberson family but had to put in a little Internet elbow grease. We got all Steve Lodge on it and investigated. (For those of you that do not follow the careers of Vicki’s boyfriends as close as we do — especially in the wake of Brooks — Steve is a retired detective.) 

Despite having spent part of her formative years growing up on TV (we remember her prom!), Briana never courted the spotlight that went with being the daughter of the OG of the OC, Vicki Gunvalson. This is especially apparent after her recent move to North Carolina to focus on family time and “the simple life.”

Briana doesn’t even have a public Instagram account. But because opposite attract, husband Ryan’s Instagram seems to be picking the slack and is where we found the cache of dog and Grandpa Donn content. 

Ryan proudly shows off the pair’s pups, giving special attention to the family’s German Shepherd, Bear, even giving him a shout out on #NationalPuppyDay. The shepherd is the perfect companion for the family, living the rugged outdoors life and partaking in family games of catch, running along side the ATV and frolicking in the snow. In one of the videos we notice that Bear isn’t frolicking alone, there’s also a pug in the mix! The pug in question is Winnie. While less rugged and adventurous, she is still a beloved member of the family — although she may be more of a California girl than a country dog. Pug love runs in the family, Vicki is also the OG pug lover, having also been dog mom to a pug named Walter.  It’s all evidenced in the photos below, including a special guest dressed in a pug costume. (It’s Vicki — you don’t need to be a Steve Lodge to figure that out.)

Let me tell y'all bout my best friend!

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Winnie has it so rough!

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Snow day fun with the family! #snowmageddon

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Winnie loves the cowhide!

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Great to have some noise back in the house this week!

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