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    • Ep 8: Judgy Eyes & Tahitian Skies
    • S10/EP8 | Aired:
      July 27, 2015
      When Meghan hosts a couple's game night, her husbands' absence becomes fair game for gossip with the other ladies. Meanwhile, Shannon and David meet with their therapist. (43:24)
    • Ep 7: Bowling in Heels
    • S10/EP7 | Aired:
      July 20, 2015
      Vicki enlists the powers of a medium to try and communicate with her mother. Shannon discovers that to lose physical weight, she has to do more than just exercise, she must deal with the weight of her emotions too. (43:24)
    • Ep 6: Full Circle
    • S10/EP6 | Aired:
      July 13, 2015
      Vicki's mother's passing has sent shock waves throughout the OC, causing the women all to take a deeper look at their family lives. While Vicki travels to Chicago to mourn, Tamra heads north to celebrate the birth of her granddaughter. Meanwhile, Shannon continues to heal her marriage with David. (43:24)
    • Ep 5: Game Changer
    • S10/EP5 | Aired:
      July 6, 2015
      Vicki gets a phone call that forever changes her life. Shannon offers an olive branch to Meghan when she hosts a Bunco party at her house. Meanwhile, Meghan moves into another house and Heather has an unorthodox date night with Terry that gets a little bloody.   (43:24)
    • Ep 4: Charity Case
    • S10/EP4 | Aired:
      June 29, 2015
      A trip to Napa concludes with tensions at a high. Back in the OC, Vicki and Brooks consider some unconventional cancer treatments, Meghan puts the final touches on her first OC charity event while Heather faces the harsh reality of going over budget on her dream home. (00:00)

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