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    • Satan Loves Confusion
    • S10/EP18 | Aired:
      October 5, 2015
      Vicki's daughter Briana visits the OC and meets Tamra for lunch with some shocking information about Brooks. Shannon confides in Heather and Tamra in a way she never thought possible. The ladies prep for Tamra’s baptism in some unconventional ways. (43:24)
    • Broken Records
    • S10/EP17 | Aired:
      September 28, 2015
      After a trip to the doctor with Brooks, Vicki tries to put an end to the cancer debate, but when Meghan hosts a viewing party in celebration of Heather's big night, a new revelation about Brooks has everyone stunned. (43:24)
    • Suspicious Minds
    • S10/EP16 | Aired:
      September 21, 2015
      Shannon's Aries party continues with Vicki and Brooks making an early exit leaving the other ladies questioning Brooks’ behavior. Tamra shows her son Ryan his new home in the OC. Meanwhile, Shannon questions her friendship with Vicki. (43:24)
    • Fire Signs
    • S10/EP15 | Aired:
      September 14, 2015
      When Shannon throws an Aries themed party, Brooks finally gets his chance to confront Meghan face-to-face for her relentless digging into his past. And an off-handed comment by Brooks throws Tamra into a rage. (43:24)
    • A Storm is Coming
    • S10/EP14 | Aired:
      September 7, 2015
      The day after Tamra's sex party, the ladies are in disbelief over Vicki’s attack on Meghan. Vicki visits Briana in Oklahoma, but underlying tensions about Brooks brings the trip to an explosive end. (43:24)

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