Behind-the-Scenes: Which #RHOP Ladies Still Had Beef After The Reunion?

"She's really gonna hate me after this one," Charrisse Jackson Jordan says after the Reunion. 

While they might take all day to tape, Reunions can go by in a flash if you're a Real Housewife. All of a sudden all those things you wanted to say haven't been said, and it's the final hour. Remember Charrisse Jackson Jordan's last minute marriage bomb at the end of the Season 1 Reunion? With this in mind, we spoke to your favorite Potomac ladies right after they left the Reunion couches to see just how they were feeling - and who they were still beefing with.  

Rookie Monique Samuels had no regrets, "It was fun and whatever I could address, I did." But Robyn Dixon hinted that the drama might not be over. "We got a lot off our chests and on the table, but I don't think everything was quite resolved," the former NBA wife said. Charrisse put it all out there, point blank stating, "I personally don't have any issues with anybody, (but) I knowKaren Huger hates me. She's really gonna hate me after this one..." Could it be for those Mr. Blue Eyes accusations? 

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But Karen Huger had some unresolved issues with someone unexpected: Mr. Andy Cohen. "He was so curious about my boobs!" said the Grand Dame. But she has a message for him about her implants: "Andy, it's okay, we're gonna put tear drops in together. You and me, ride or die partner!" Oh, how we hope that this really does happen. 

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