11 Things We've Learned from The Real Housewives

Whoever said the 'Wives are all diamonds and rosé has obviously never seen the Countess ride a skateboard.

What would we possibly do without the guidance of our Housewives? It's safe to say that we'd be lost without them. Over the years, they've taught us how to handle a bad date, how to throw a glass of wine at someone, and, most importantly, how to party. Hey, even Andy Cohen learned the art of "reading" from his many hours spent with the Real Housewives.

The newest 'Wives on the block, The Real Housewives of Potomac, undestand the importance of imparting their wisdom on the world! Whether it's Karen Huger teaching her fellow Housewives the rules of etiquette, or Katie Rost teaching Charrisse Jackson-Jordan how to pronounce "L'chaim," you can be sure the 'Wives are always ready to share a life hack or a special skill with the masses. So, join in and embrace your fellow Helpful Housewives with these skills we've learned from the Real Housewives!

1.  RHOP: Know When Flowers Are in Season


The Real Housewives of Potomac
Karen Huger Gets a Lesson in Horticulture
Apparently spring flowers only bloom in spring. No cherry blossoms this time, Karen!

Karen learned the hard way that  Cherry Blossoms, aren’t on standby. It goes to show that matter how powerful a Housewife you are, you can't control the weather.

2.  RHOA: Porsha Learns About the Underground Railroad

The Real Housewives of Atlanta
Confused by the Underground Railroad
With some help from her fellow Housewives, Porsha learns that trains were not actually involved in the Underground Railroad.

A Housewife should always prepared for an impromptu history lesson. Unfortunately for Porsha, we're still unsure if this has sunken in. 

3.  RHOC: How to Take a Tequila Shot

The Real Housewives of Orange County
Tequila Trouble: Vicki Shafts Lizzie on a Shot
When Lizzie Rovsek is the only one without a shot, she thinks Vicki Gunvalson didn’t buy her a drink on purpose.

In the words of Tamra Barney, lick, slam, suck, repeat. And don't forget to buy enough shots for your entire table!

4.  RHOBH: What is Munchausen Syndrome?

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills
Lisa Rinna Expresses Concerns About Yolanda
Lisa Rinna gathers Kyle Richards and Lisa Vanderpump to talk about the possibility of Munchausen Syndrome.

It's important for everyone to stay ontop of what's going on in the medical word.  Thanks to Lisa Rinna, we know even more now. 

5.  RHOC: What Temperature Wine is Stored

The Real Housewives of Orange County
Heather's Always Right
Mrs. Fancy Pants might have a new title — Mrs. Know-It-All.

Heather Dubrow would never settle for room temperature wine and neither should you! 

6.  RHOBH: How to Pat the Puss

Watch What Happens Live
Erika & Cheyenne Pat the Puss
Erika Girardi from #RHOBH teaches actor Cheyenne Jackson how to “pat the puss” and they both seem to master it in sync in the clubhouse!

The roll and pat is the best move to bust out on the dance floor, at a party, or the Watch What Happens Live Clubhouse. (Especially when you're channeling your inner Erika Jayne!)

7.  RHONY: How to Skateboard

The Real Housewives of New York City
Get the Paramedics Ready!
LuAnn De Lesseps tries her luck at skateboarding.

While shredding the gnar a la LuAnn de Lesseps, always make sure to have a cushy surface to land on and the paramedics on standby.

8.  RHONY: How to Throw a Hatchet

The Real Housewives of New York City
The RHONY Throws the Hatchet
The Wives spend some time learning the art of throwing the hatchet -- well the ladies minus Sonja who is busy flirting.

Hatchet throwing is far more than a hobby, it's a lifestyle! Plus, your hatchet throwing skills may be very important come reunion time.

9.  RHONJ: How to Shave Your Face

Manzod with Children
Caroline Manzo Shaves Her Face
Caroline walks us through her most talked about (and perhaps most controversial) beauty trick.

If you adopt the Manzo Matriarch's signature beauty tip, she gaurantees you'll have significantly less wrinkles than your fellow 'Wives. That's a win in our books!

10.  RHONJ: How to Have Perfect Hair

The Real Housewives of New Jersey
Housewives and Hair
In New Jersey, it’s all about the hair.

If you're going to make it as a Housewife, perfect hair is a must. Hair spray, extensions, and Teresa Aprea's saliva are all you need to have lucious locks.

11.  RHOA: How to Read

The Real Housewives of Atlanta
Kim Fields Attends the School of Read
Phaedra Parks and NeNe Leakes teach Kim the art of throwing shade.

The fine art of “reading” goes way beyond literature. And if the 'Wives had a speciality, it's throwing some shade.

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