9 Questions (and GIFS) We Have Going Into The #RHOP Beach Trip

Scenes from the upcoming #RHOP trip to Bethany Beach has left us with more than a few questions...will they survive being the first. 

If you're like us, the sneak peek to the upcoming episode of The Real Housewives of Potomac left you feeling a little like this: 

A little like this: 

And a whole lot like this: 

But between the awe, the confusion and the overwhelming excitement, we are left with some major questions. 

1Will this be the first time a Housewife succeeds at surfing?

No tea, no shade, Robyn Dixon

2Is this a bed?

Gizelle Bryant apparently doesn't think so. So what IS a bed in the world of #RHOP? Curiouser and curiouser. 

3Why doesn't Robyn know who to trust?

Did someone else Google her? It this about Juan Dixon? Why can't Robyn trust anyone?! 

4And why is Karen making this face?

We're seriously worried you guys. 

5Are things about to blow up between Gizelle and Katie?

Based on Katie Rost's eyeroll, Gizelle's side eye, and that awkward question just asked - outlook not good.  

6Why is Ashley's husband at the gay club?

Karen Huger seems to have the same question...

7Is Ashley really kicking the ladies out?

At least she's giving them the night in the "beds" they apparently hate?

8What IS a note to motherf---ing self?

We mean, we think we know, but we haven't made notes to our motherfu---ing selves. Or maybe we have? Karen we need your help! 

And last but definitely not least:


Seriously, Potomac ladies, get to the gay club more often! Look what happens! IT'S GLORIOUS! 


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