Who Is Lady Eloise? RHOP Shade Explained

Confused by Gizelle Bryant's reference to Karen Huger as Lady Eloise? Don't worry, we found  her for you- and it's oh, so good. 

Did you hear Gizelle Bryant referring to Karen Huger as "Lady Eloise" onThe Real Housewives of Potomac and wonder - just who is this Lady Eloise?  

Well, leave it to Gizelle "baddest place in the building" Bryant to make one of the most amazing references we have heard in Housewives History. Yes,  may have referred to Bethenny Frankel as Al Sharpton, and sure, Kyle Richards called Lisa Vanderpump Bobby Fischer, but this one is definitely up there. Behold, Lady Eloise, from the classic 1992 film Boomerang in all her glory. 

That's right! It's Eartha Kitt rocking a Housewives Reunion-worthy look as she seduces none other than a very '90s Eddie Murphy. Just how shady is this moniker? We'll let you decide for yourselves. To be honest, we'd be nothing but flattered to be compared to the great Eartha. We mean, she's Catwoman for goodness sakes. But we're not sure if Karen will feel the same about this new nickname...

Relive the Lady Eloise moment again below and tune in to #RHOP Sundays at 9/8c!




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