Gizelle: Champagne Charrisse or Your Highness?

Gizelle Bryant gives her hilarious take on Bermudian boys, cricket, champagne, and of course, Karen Huger's reign as the Grand Dame. What do you think about Charrisse Jackson Jordan and Karen Huger's showdown on the boat ride?
Gizelle Bryant: This showdown was long overdue, and I think will eternally continue. Similar to the Hatfield and McCoy feud, no one knows how it started, no one knows what it's really about and NO ONE CARES. The Huger/Jordan feud is the gift that keeps on giving. I actually LOVE to see them scratch each others eyes out. It's like the battle of the hot flashes. What were your thoughts when you showed up to the cricket game?
GB: I think Bermuda is a beautiful island with a lot to do and offer to its tourist. However, CRICKET is NOT one of those things. That should just be enjoyed by the locals. There is a ball and a stick and people running in different directions (confusion). Everyone, and I mean EVERYONE, in the stands is drunk beyond repair. Gizelle is clear on her limitations... yep, cricket is not my sport.; How did your feelings about Kevin change when you met some Bermudian boys?
GB: The Bermudian boys at the cricket game were 100 percent loving the Potomac ladies. They were handsome in a rugged, rough-around-the-edges, athlete kind of way. They were something to temporarily entertain us, which let me know that maybe romance with Kevin is not in the cards. Kevin is a great guy, but maybe too great for Gizelle. What did you think of Charrisse’s lavish champagne room? Is she the real Grand Dame of Potomac now?
GB: Charrisse's champagne room is everything that she told us it would be. It's lavish, regal, and over the top, she should actually put a bathtub in the middle and bathe in champagne Mariah Carey style. Karen has held the title of Grand Dame for too long for us to take it away and bestow it upon anyone else. So Karen, regardless of whether she actually is or is not, can keep her Grand Dame title. Champagne Charrisse has earned herself to now be referred to as Your Highness.

The Real Housewives of Potomac
There’s No Sex in the Charrisse Champagne Room
Tour Charrisse Jackson Jordan’s champagne room – no funny business allowed. Why do you think Karen is being so secretive with moving to Great Falls? What did you think about her coming for you at Charrisse’s?
GB: Typically nothing Karen says adds up, and that is the beauty of Karen. She is fun to be around and makes you laugh but the relationship is consistently Trump-ish. You know before the conversation starts not to believe a word that comes out of her mouth. To this day I still really don't understand why Karen "downsized" by moving to a bigger house. Maybe the goal is for her and the Black Bill Gates to play hide and never seek.

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