Charrisse Jackson Jordan on Monique Samuels: She Played Me!

"She knows exactly what she is doing but portrays a sense of naiveness to camouflage her deceitful tactics." Tell us about how you were feeling going into this sitdown with Monique Samuels

Charrisse Jackson JordanHonestly, I came into the sit-down reluctantly. I had been feeling a sense of faux genuineness when it comes to Monique. She had betrayed my trust a couple of times at this point and I really felt that I wasn't going to get an honest response from her.  The truth is, I wanted to get past what I was feeling and was hoping that she would be open and honest with me so that we could move on and repair the damage before it became worse. Did you have any idea that she didn’t know why you were upset? 

CJJ: Monique is a very smart woman. Don’t let that rough around the edges fool you. In fact, one of the things I admired the most about Monique is her vast intellect in various areas. I’ve also learned that she can be very calculating. She knows exactly what she is doing but portrays a sense of naiveness to camouflage her deceitful tactics. She knew exactly why I was upset but played on my emotional side to skirt through the issue. She played me! What is it like watching her breakdown now and saying that you’re the only one she wouldn’t want to fight with and worried that you didn’t need her anymore? 

CJJ: It looks believable. I fell for it. How could you not? She is a great actress that has missed her calling. However, the truth always comes to light. Fool me once, shame on you! Fool me twice….. NOPE! I won't be fooled again! You got emotional as well — tell us about this moment. 

CJJ: I am the Queen of Emotional! A trait that I wish I could erase. I was already on an emotional high, I had just buried one of my best friends the day before. I was still going through major transitions in my personal life paralleled with making a lot of bad decisions with business and friendships. My emotional levels were at an all-time high. To see her cry the way she was crying broke my heart. After all, she is someone that I consider a friend and she is someone that I truly cared about. When my friends hurt I hurt as well. who knew it was a lot of wasted emotions.

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