Gizelle Bryant on Karen Huger's House: I Really Don’t Care

“Great Falls, Potomac or Alaska it really doesn’t matter, live your life Karen.“ What were you thinking when no one answered the door on the pizza delivery? 
Gizelle Bryant: The pizza delivery caper was to see any signs and or clues of someone with the last name Huger. That most definitely did not happen. I was disappointed because I really wanted to see Karen answer the door, laugh then we drink champagne. But I’m super disappointed that I wore a black curly top Party City WIG for no reason. Watching Ray and Michael’s interaction now at the engagement party, what do you think? 
GB: Ray and Michael interact with each other just like their wives do, loud, messy and shady. Michael Darby is a real estate man by trade so if he goes around and asks people where they live is that messy or just job research? What did you think of Karen being unable to confirm whether she got the pizza or not?
GB: Karen said, “I walked out of my front door,” well that is where the pizza was sitting. Sooooo if you live there then why didn’t she see the PIZZA?! The water is still a little murky, but the good news is I really don’t care. Great Falls, Potomac or Alaska it really doesn’t matter, live your life Karen. What’s your biggest takeaway from this season?
GB: There are ladies in this group that really love me and support me and then there are others that will plot and plan to try to destroy me. I’m clear on who is who so when bad things happen there are no surprises. I’m having a ball on my journey and look forward to today and everyday after.

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