3 years ago

The Dates Tell All: What’d They Think of Our Singles?


After meeting the Singles for the first time, Week 1′s hot dates confessed their impressions to the camera. Some “wanted more.” Others were on the fence. One complained about “cocky bitches.” Another seemed ready to move in to Lee’s swank bachelor pad—hide your keys, Lee! (Kidding.) Below, their unfiltered post-date confessions.

Here’s Bill (@BillMcLarnon), the model-slash-actor-slash-personal trainer, giving unfiltered feedback on Tabasum: “She’s beautiful—and most beautiful girls aren’t down to earth. They’re a bunch of cocky bitches.” He’s ready to do crunches with Tabasum for eternity.

Joey, who we saw smooching Anthony (@MrAnthonyJ), gushed about having a great connection with him. And Anthony agreed!

Keke (@ChekeshaJ) insists she was cool with the fact that Lee scoped out other women at the art gallery. If there’s no second date, she says, the dapper dentist can invite her over to his amazing apartment anytime—especially if there’s food. Talk about friends with benefits!

Ericka’s two handsome potentials, Cornell and Jerome (@Jeromeyrome_), had different takes on the ambitious Brooklyn girl. (We’re biased but we agree with Jerome. Also he is a tall glass of fine.)

Will there be a date No. 2 for any of these folks? Stay tuned.