3 years ago

Lee on His Awful Second Date: ‘I’m Literally Shaking’


There was no love connection between Lee and Keke, aka Gallery Girl No. 1, in last week’s episode, so our bow-tied Single set his sights on the second woman he approached at the Soho art shindig. Suffice it to say, Gallery Girl No. 2 is not the future Mrs. Gause.

Lee’s date with Marisa at City Winery begins with so much promise! Two attractive singles, one sexy summer night. But no: Marisa doesn’t drink wine. She won’t eat shishito peppers. She thinks it’s rude that he’s got his iPhone on the table. She walks out on Lee like five minutes after meeting him.

“Like, I’m literally shaking,” says Lee.

Watch, and cringe, below:

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