4 years ago

Sunday Brunch With Onika: Ericka’s Wingwoman Speaks!


Let’s hear it for the wingwoman!

If it weren’t for the moral support, tough love, and confidence of Ericka’s BFF Onika, our Single may have stayed in the corner sipping a cocktail instead of chatting up fellas during the first episode of The Singles Project. Ericka scored not one but two guys’ numbers—largely thanks to Onika.

It just so happens that Onika is vacationing in Spain (like the glamorous, glorious sidekick we knew she was!), but she spared a few minutes to answer our burning questions about Ericka’s dating drama and whether she sees love in her future.

Fans love you! Are you hearing from them? What’s your reaction?

I am hearing from them via Facebook—remember I’m abroad so I have limited access to the net. On purpose. I need a break. People think I’m a relationship counselor—LMAO—but I am just bossy.

How long have you known Ericka?

I’ve known her since we were children. She was a best friend of my little sister — when she became a teenager, we would hang out. We have been friends ever since.

In your opinion, why is Ericka so unlucky in love?

I think she is looking for the perfect guy and he doesn’t exist—”perfect for you” and “perfect” are two very different things.

Does Ericka have a type? What is it? And what should it be?

Yes. Tall, dark, handsome, smart, rich, athletic, maybe a bit of a bad boy, like Zeus. And the boys aren’t built like that anymore.

What can Ericka do to overcome, as she famously called it, the “pussification of men”?

I think she needs the total opposite of herself—she needs someone confident but not so much of the “alpha male” that he becomes a competition instead of a relationship. What Hollywood sells us on TV isn’t reality. The star needs a supporting actor—not another star. I think she needs to date the “cool nerd”—he would be excited about her beauty and intellect and not want any part of her sexy life. He would be a break from the craziness of her life and solid in his own right. Maybe we should go to a networking party thrown by Apple—”my Apple dude” would be strong in his career and not concerned with hers. He would be totally into the person she is and not the exec.

What did you think of Cornell flaking out?

I was very surprised. He seemed like the total square. I would be chasing her around if I were him. I think he was camera-shy.

Are you Team Jerome?

No. What does he do again? When he sees the parties and her lifestyle he will do one of two things: Become blinded by the glamour and not see the real Ericka, or become intimidated and run for the hills.

How do you think the Singles Project will change Ericka’s life?

I think it will open up the dating pool for her. You meet people while working or playing and if you work too much there isn’t much room for playing. I think she needs to be more strategic and plan to find love anywhere. I bet this time next year she will be married.