4 years ago

What Is The Singles Project Anyway?

Sure it seems straight-forward — it’s a dating show about New Yorkers looking for love.

But just like finding the love of your life isn’t a straight line, this show isn’t that easy either? (Seriously, we’ll find the one eventually).

These Singles are looking for love  – and looking for your advice along the way. You can follow along here for all the info on what the Singles are doing between dates — who they are agonizing over calling, what they’re debating outfit wise, and how they are filling there days. But more than just keeping up with their every move in real-time, they want you to weigh in. During the episode, you can vote in polls to let them know who they should keep seeing. Then you can come here to keep voicing your opinion — on the blog and through live Q&As with the cast. Plus we’ll have all sorts of behind-the-scenes, up-to-the-second content.

We wouldn’t want to keep you waiting by the TV.

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