Ben Tankard

Ben thinks that deep down Cyrene is glad that he and Jewel are so concerned about her.

on Dec 16, 2013 How did you meet Kandi?
Ben Tankard: We have always been a fan of Kandi's since we are both in the music business. Jewel thought it would be great to have an outside speaker come speak to her Millionairess book club to share insights on business pursuits. Your daughter is 17-years-old and is still a virgin. Do you worry that pushing her too much to not have sex will backfire?
Ben: No. I believe you should aim your child like an arrow. There are all kinds of obvious negatives associated with being sexually active at an early age, but no one seems to be able to produce the statistics of the downside of exercising self-control and utilizing Godly timing. Being a virgin should be considered a blessing, not a curse. She will have the rest of her life to "get busy," no need to add sex to the list of teen distractions.