Ben: Being a Virgin is a Blessing

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Ben: Being a Virgin is a Blessing

Ben thinks that deep down Cyrene is glad that he and Jewel are so concerned about her. How did you meet Kandi?
Ben Tankard: We have always been a fan of Kandi's since we are both in the music business. Jewel thought it would be great to have an outside speaker come speak to her Millionairess book club to share insights on business pursuits. Your daughter is 17-years-old and is still a virgin. Do you worry that pushing her too much to not have sex will backfire?
Ben: No. I believe you should aim your child like an arrow. There are all kinds of obvious negatives associated with being sexually active at an early age, but no one seems to be able to produce the statistics of the downside of exercising self-control and utilizing Godly timing. Being a virgin should be considered a blessing, not a curse. She will have the rest of her life to "get busy," no need to add sex to the list of teen We learned why Benji and his wife got married at such a young age. Is this why you are so protective of Cyrene?
Ben: Partly. The thing about parenting multiple children is you learn along the way and try to do better when you know better. It is not that you love or favor any child more than another, it's just that you have more parenting skills the 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 5th time around. If you think Cyrene is sheltered, just wait until you see how we smother Diamond as she grows up! Cyrene makes a comment on how the strictest parents have the sneakiest children. Do you think she is talking about herself?
Ben: Yes! But the bible says, "Train up a child in the way they should go, and when they are grown they will not depart from it."  This means we do all we can, and we leave it in God's hands and trust that she will make Godly decisions.  Despite her complaints, she is glad we are as concerned about her as we are, after all, she has her sisters and brother as living witnesses to the results of decision making outside of parental input. Do you think that you are too hard on Josh?
Ben: No! Cyrene is the one that complains about us grilling him. Josh actually likes the attention and does a good job of holding his ground. He is a very respectful young man...however, talent isn't everything and kids need direction. Even Michael Jordan had a COACH.

Cyrene: You're Either a Virgin or a Skank

Cyrene explains the real problem with the word "skank." How are you enjoying life at college?

Cyrene Tankard: Initially I was very homesick, but I have gotten into the groove of things and made a couple of great friends that have made it all worth it. I am experiencing a level of freedom in which I’ve never expected but greatly appreciate. Since moving away, have your parents backed off at all as far as your dating life is concerned?

CT: I am a couple of thousands of miles away. What can they really do but preach? LOL!

Whenever men talk about women and sex, you’re either a virgin or, like my dad called me, a skank...but like a lot of women, I am neither.

Cyrene Tankard What was so upsetting about your dad’s “skank” comments?

CT: I thought the comment was a bit extreme, but typical. Whenever men talk about women and sex, you’re either a virgin or, like my dad called me, a skank...but like a lot of women, I am neither. It was surprising to see you and Ben get into a fight. Is that rare for you two?

CT: I wouldn’t call it a fight. Maybe a raw, real conversation, but definitely not a fight. Way too much love involved to call it a fight. Were you surprised that Phaedra made such personal comments? Did you take anything away from that conversation?

CT: It didn’t take me by surprise, solely because it’s everything my mother had instilled in me, but I would love to have met Phaedra when she was my age, and see what her attitude was then. I get where Auntie Parks was coming from, but I think for most girls, me included, it’s hard to value something you’ve never really used.

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