Ben Tankard

Ben says Junice's "Robin" is only temporarily mad at Jewel's "Batman" and thinks Benji and Brooklyn both dropped the ball.

on Nov 14, 2013 This week, we see you guys getting the whole family ready for church. Why is it important to have everyone attend?
Ben Tankard: We are very blessed that from my platinum music career and multiple businesses we can finance our great lifestyle. We donate are time as non-salaried Pastors of Destiny Center Church, and because of that reason, it is important to me that the family give just as much priority to coming to church and serving (as a family unit) as they would for something that they would be paid for (like a job, hair show, DJ party, or whatever). I was taught that if you put God first at the beginning of the week (Sunday), then it makes your entire week go better. There is nothing wrong with having "things," but you just don't want to ignore God (and his church) -- and then "things” have you. You gave a few individuals at church $100 bills. What is the lesson you’re hoping to teach those people? Do you impart those same lessons to your kids?
Ben: I consider myself a "reacher" not a "preacher." Therefore, in my lessons, I am always reaching for an example that will hit home with my audience. Personally, I make it a DAILY habit to donate something to someone else (money, time, charity appearance, donation, etc.). The lesson I taught was to NOT let money have you. Give it freely because it can be used as a tool of encouragement or change someone's life. The bible says that the LOVE of money is the root of all evil, not money itself. If you give it away as often as possible, you don't have to worry about falling in love with it. The lesson cost me $500, but it was worth it for me for my 200-300 members to grab that revelation. Furthermore, I know it was a blessing to the several people that received the $100 because they were ALL smiling. I DO teach these principles to my kids, and they have a heart for giving as well. Brooklyn in fact is on several cancer boards and is ALWAYS running in some sort of charity marathon and donating from her hair shows. They are ALL learning that it is better to give than to receive, just like the Bible says. This week you ask your children what their plan is to become a millionaire.
Ben: Yes, it's like telling your kids you want them to make straight As. You know it may not happen, and the Bs and Cs they made are fine because it got them shooting for the A. Nobody trains for the bronze and silver medal. They go for the GOLD, and in return the silver or bronze is what they achieve by attempting to get the gold. I always say, shoot for the sky and the roof will always be there to catch you. Shoot for the roof and the floor is unacceptable.