Ben Tankard

Ben shares what you should know about his family, what he thinks of Brooklyn's marathon, and what happened at his prom.

on Nov 7, 2013 Can you tell us a little more about your morning routines/affirmations?
Ben:I have a daily regimen that includes 5 am basketball, prayer for 30 minutes, and vision boarding (looking at my color vision board and reciting the different goals). My new book is called Faith It ‘Til You Make It: Making Your Future Hear Your Voice. It goes into details on making daily declarations so I guess you could in a sense say I "wrote the book" on it. What did you think of Brooklyn’s decision to run the marathon?
Ben: I'm a "crawl before you walk" sort of guy. How can you finish a marathon when you don't EVER work out and you have not even done a "mini-thon"? I was concerned about Brooklyn pulling a muscle. I teach my kids to be big thinkers, but I never want them to overdo it and do something that may cause them to hurt themselves. The last time Brooklyn ran in anything, Moses was crossing the Red Sea. And of her lack of preparation for the race (including signing up for it)?
Ben: Brooklyn is not one for details, so it is totally believable that she registered late.