Bryan mourns the loss of his dog this week but has the strength not to resort to binge eating.

Oct 18, 2010


My blog today won't be me trying to be clever, witty, or even funny. Instead my blog is being written from a very raw and extremely broken heart. On Tuesday Oct 12th at 6pm, a giant piece of Miguel and I died, as our beautiful baby boy, Moose, was tragically hit by a car and died in my arms. The heartache and pain is almost too unbearable to think about or to write. Moose was days away from his 7th birthday and he was the most wonderful, gentle and loyal best friend a man could ever ask for. Moose left an indelible handprint on everyone's heart that he had the pleasure to meet. As many friends have pointed out in the past few days, Moose wasn't just a dog, he was a person.