Bryan lets his inner warrior, Ethel, speak for him this week (and she's got a lot to say).

Sep 24, 2010

Dear friends,

I really wanted to write this week's blog, however Jackie decided to introduce us to our inner warriors on Monday, and my inner warrior, Ethel, felt compelled to write this week's entry, so please do not hold me accountable for her words. Love, Bryan

"I've seen Fire and I've seen Rain." By Ethel (Bryan's Inner Warrior)

This week was like visiting the island of the misfit toys, and as much as Jackie is trying to play Santa, something is NOT quite working. Nikki refused to run in the rain and got an umbrella, Joe's foot gave out, Shay busted her knee, Jeana forgot that Jackie is always watching, Stacy missed a fieldtrip, and last but not least, there was Bryan and his dramatic episode at the fire station. Embarrassment, party of 6, your table is ready. 

This week's basic training, which normally happens in the gym, was held outside. I love a good challenge and a three-mile jog is what I eat for breakfast. It's child's play. So, suck it up everyone, including you Bryan! You are all lucky enough to live in Los Angeles where the weather is beautiful 99.9% of the time so excuse Mother Nature if she feels like having a day off, she is allowed, but unfortunately you are not! Quit complaining! I agree that being fat and running in the rain is not fun. I was surprised Hayden Panettiere didn't show up and try to roll one of you whiney sea creatures back into the ocean. It also seems that some of the natives are starting to get annoyed with Nikki during the workouts, but Bryan finds it amusing that she quits whenever she feels like it. Jeana, on the other hand, was killing me with her HILARIOUS outdoor mall-walking routine. I'm guessing Jeana's inner warrior got stuck window-shopping at Neiman's. Nikki and Bryan got a much-needed massage after the workout, Bryan for pain and recovery, Nikki I think was just killing time before happy hour. They laughed quite a bit and god bless those poor massage therapists, because Bryan and Nikki are a handful (literally and figuratively).