Bryan lets his inner warrior, Ethel, speak for him this week (and she's got a lot to say).

Sep 24, 2010

Anyway, what was I saying? Oh yeah, all of that chaos for a tiny little sharp pain. Now sure, I was concerned and a little scared, as was Bryan, but after a while, the pain subsided. I'm sure Bryan appreciated all the concern and attention he was receiving from all those men, I know I was, but after 10 minutes of recovery he and I were back in the saddle and ready to finish the workout, however NO ONE was going to allow that to happen. Needless to say I WAS pissed! I was really bummed because I knew that Bryan would have won the challenge that day and that I would have finally been able to get my hands all over some fireman's hose. Ok, that went to far, I'll admit it. It's been a very long time. I'm sorry. Anyway, Bryan and I got kicked out of the workout and one of the producers drove us home. As soon as she dropped us off, we wished her farewell, spoke to Miguel on the phone, and then we headed out the door. We literally ran to the gym and finished our workout. Although, I will admit that some of the bigwigs did call Bryan and begged him not to workout. Sorry, you can blame me for that one. Ethel is a no nonsense, hardcore, fighting warrior.

Bryan decided to bring me along to therapy this week. It was crazy town. From out of the blue Joe attacked Nikki, (I just wish those two would do it already and get it over with) and then Stacy lashed out at Jeana. The heat between Stacy and Jeana brought me right back to the fire station. So glad Bryan gets to sit in between them during therapy. It's delicious. Just wish I had some Raisinettes and a tub of popcorn. No I don't…yes, I do. Well, no. I mean, yes. Maybe. Anyway, while all this was happening, sweet Mandy just sat there and smiled. I'm dying to know what is happening in everyone's head during therapy. Sometimes, inner warriors like to play a game and go around the room and just drop into someone else's head. While Bryan babbled on in therapy, I decided to hop on over to Mandy's. All I could hear was Disney music and birds chirping. It was extremely bright and colorful and all of the animals had names and could communicate in English. I could have stayed there all day. It's very soothing and calming.