Bryan lets his inner warrior, Ethel, speak for him this week (and she's got a lot to say).

Sep 24, 2010

Next stop Jackie's head where it smelled like patchouli oil and was incredibly damp, like being in a bikram yoga ashram for hours on end with no windows and all that can be heard was the continuous sound of Jackie counting out reps, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8. Mayday, Mayday, Mayday! No thanks, I'll pass. 

Last stop, Dr. Ramani's head where Pachelbel's Canon in D major was playing and she was very busy organizing her grocery list. About ten minutes into my game, I heard my name being mentioned by Dr. Ramani asking Bryan how his inner warrior, Ethel (hey that's me) helped him get through this week's workout. I felt the need to be present and listen to what he had to say. He was slightly dismissive for some odd reason. Ingrate! 

Weigh in this week wasn't very good. It was clear that Jackie was getting just as frustrated as I. Bryan was upset with himself that he only lost three pounds. I felt like it was better then none, but he was comparing his numbers from the first two weeks where it seemed like all the work he was putting in was paying off. This week he worked just as hard but didn't get the results he would have liked. Oh well, next week I am stepping up my game. More Ethel! As for everyone else, it seems somewhat clear. Jeana and Nikki, well that one is pretty obvious -- lay off the fried food and the hooch and work out to intensity. Not sure what is up with Joe. I guess his foot is holding him back, but he does look great. Shay has a busted knee, so she seems like she is out for a while. Stacy is busting her ass but that gnarly PCOS is giving her a run for her money, poor thing. Then we have the sweetest woman in the world, Mandy, who is killing it. She looks AMAZING already. I'd be interested to meet her inner warrior. Just for coffee, really. Inner warriors never date. It's just a thing in our community.