Bryan gives us a judicial take on this week's episode. Court is in session!

Sep 30, 2010


The recently coined "Moo-nificent 7," a group of participants on Bravo's Thintervention with Jackie Warner, were indicted last week on multiple counts of perjury and misconduct of food and exercise. All seven pled not guilty. The suspects sat motionless and stone faced inside a tense therapy room this past Monday as the judge handed down the verdict. 

The trial has garnered nationwide attention, due to former Real Housewives of Orange County's Jeana Keough and her large fan base. Jeana was charged and convicted on several counts including five weeks worth of perjury, abduction of the real Jeana Keough and replacement of a Stepford replica, and an additional weight gain of one pound. "She has a lot of support from viewers, I just hope that someone can break through to her," an unidentified source added. Jeana will be packing her overnight bag and heading north to Los Angeles where she will be serving her sentence under house arrest in West Hollywood with Bryan and Miguel starting on Tuesday.

Prosecutors felt they had Stacy's conviction in the bag from the beginning. "The most damning piece of evidence was when Stacy took the witness stand," said the prosecution. Stacy's attack of Jackie "The Jackass" Warner did not go over well with jurors. "Watching the evidence played back of her excessive verbal diarrhea and leaky tear ducts just seemed over-rehearsed," said juror Florence Puttenmeyer. Stacy was charged and convicted on two counts of perjury and as well as one count of attempted homicide by boredom on a date. A gag order has been placed on Stacy, which her lawyers will most definitely appeal.