Bryan gives us a judicial take on this week's episode. Court is in session!

Sep 30, 2010

Bryan was found not guilty on all counts of perjury but was sited with excessive language and verbally threatening Jackie Warner during the MMA workout. Bryan's outlandish claims of a woman named Ethel, "Blowing in like a twister straight out of Kansas and lashing out at Jackie" seemed somewhat fabricated as no witness ever appeared on his defense. His lack of enthusiasm for the workout and accusations of Dojo employees being "Kinda gay for enjoying balls on their chins" struck a nerve with the jury. Bryan's claim however, of being gay bashed in high school along with losing six pounds this week certainly helped in his conviction being overturned. Bryan had this to say after his win in court. "I really didn't get to go into much detail about my attack in high school so I wanted to set the records straight today. I had been having a "special" relationship with a fellow student for a few years in junior high and into high school. Until one day, something inside of him snapped. He waited in front of my house until my stepfather had left to run a quick errand and then decided to approach my front door. He rang the bell and when I answered, he sucker punched me in the face. The blow was so hard that my teeth went through my lip and my nose was broken. He threatened that if I ever tried to make any type of contact with him again, even glance his way in the hallway, he would beat the s#*$ out of me in front of the entire school.  When my stepfather returned from the corner store about 5 minutes later, I quickly made up a lie and said that I had tripped trying to answer the phone and my face slammed into the counter. I was lucky my stepfather bought my story that day, because I was not equipped at that time with the proper tools to have dealt with the reality of the situation. I kept my mouth shut and avoided any and all contact with this boy and lived in fear my entire high school career." Jackie Warner had this to say after hearing of the story and of his aggressive behavior during the MMA workout, "Bryan was bullied. I can understand that now. That makes total sense to me, as it didn't before."

After the trial, the seven were given a chance to address the court, and only Joe took the opportunity to lash out as his fellow cast mates. "Coming in here and lying to all of us I don't think it's fair to the people who are trying, who are progressing to have to listen to that bullshit for 5 weeks. Cut it out."

The prosecution held a press conference immediately following the verdict and Jackie Warner stated, "It is very clear now. I see very clearly what's going on with the people that are succeeding and what's going on with the people that are failing." When asked for a reaction on Jackie's comment, Bryan's lawyer released the following statement: "Mr. Donovan is taking the program very seriously and believes that if you truly put in the effort and hard work, results will pay off. The most important key in this process is honesty, which he believes is what Jackie Warner was trying to get it this week. Being honest with yourself and others might be the most important lesson Bryan has taken away from the program, thus far. He will continue to reach out to others and be as supportive as possible. Mr. Donovan supports Jackie's program and looks forward to continuing his journey."