Unless you're an opera singer (or Beyonce), Bryan doesn't think the title of "Diva" is applicable (sorry, Shay).

Sep 20, 2010

And speaking of "acts" next up to the stage is Stacy. I'm proud to see that Stacy has begun her campaign for an Oscar nomination for outstanding dramatic actress at the gym. So far, she has a really good shot at winning, sorry Meryl. 

Needless to say the tension in the gym after our workout was intense. Our homework was to figure out a way to lean, rely, and learn from one and other over the next several weeks. Jackie suggested that we have a healthy potluck dinner and hash out our differences. Anyone have a gun? I had a feeling that evening was going to end like The Poseidon Adventure. Seven strangers trapped trying to figure out the best way to escape. PS - "Not it" to play Shelly Winters. 

Mandy decided to have us to her house and cooked an amazing healthy meal, only to be overshadowed by Jeana showing up with her own "chef." Really? Who brings a chef to someone else's dinner party? And if you're going to be that gauche, it might behoove you to bring someone that actually went to culinary school. I'm not saying you need to resuscitate Julia Childs and prop her up with a frying pan, but at least bring someone familiar with fresh produce. Jeana brought Allan. Really? Now I am sure he is a lovely man, he seems incredibly nice, kind and hard working, however serving spaghetti sauce out of a jar for a dinner party is a tell tale sign that he has no concept of the culinary arts. Chef Boyardee had a better game plan. I mean seriously...While we're tossing out make believe titles how about this one: "Snookie, congratulations you're now the CEO of Goldman Sachs and while I'm at it, what the hell, you're also a diva." I mean, seriously has the world gone completely mad?