Craig Ramsay

Craig thinks everyone can achieve their goals just like the Thintervention clients.

on Oct 26, 20100

For all our viewers at home, please answer these questions for yourself:

What is holding you back from your Thintervention success? 

When and why did your self destruction start with unhealthy eating and lack of exercise? 

Now let me answer this next two questions for you:

Do you deserve, and can you achieve, a healthy fit body?  


Where does this start?

With you! With you wanting and accepting the fact that you are worthy and deserving of self love.  

One of my training mottos with my clients is, "Borrow the love I have for you until you find it for yourself". 

Success is not just measured by inches and by the scale. It's definitely a proper indicator that you are on the right track with your program. 

All of these clients found out what is truly necessary with a weight loss program. They now have the ability to do it for themselves.  


I have been working out 5 days of cardio and 3 days of lifting. Mostly at the gym but I do Jackie's 20 min workouts and atleast once a week I do one of her videos. I've read her book and I'm eating between 1200-1500 calories. I do take advantage of the cheat days but I still try to make good choices and eat within my portion size. I'm happy to say I've lost 11 but wish it was more. Being in my 40's and trying to lose the weight has been very difficult. I have 3 small children and as all mom's know working out usually takes a back seat. I have changed all of that realizing that I have to set an example for my kids to be healthy. My goal is to lose 15 more lbs. I wont lie it is a struggle. I'm killing myself at the gym and a new body part is sore every week! I do feel better and I know I'm stronger but when I do Jackie's workout I often wonder if I'll get through it. I'm so proud when I do:) I think of Mandy when I cry at a workout. Atleast I'm not the only one crying. LOL Thank you for inspiring me and I'll be sure to write again when I've hit my goal. You all rock!

Mandy Ellen
Mandy Ellen

Thank you for your endless support. You emotionally, mentally and physically kept us on track. I know that you understood my need to have my family support me when no one else did. You offered to have Brett and the boys with me and it made me stronger and more able to lose the weight and succeed on this journey. I am forever in debt for your sincerity, your caring, your time and your amazing talent as a trainer. You combine the perfect combination of being firm yet being empathetic to your clients needs. I remember saying "Craig, can I drop the speed lower" and you said "no, you can do it" and I did. You believed in me when I didn't. Today I am so proud of myself when I accomplish a workout at the gym. I never felt that before Thintervention. It is tough to lose weight for anyone. Being that I had a lower amount to lose it seemed even tougher. I lost 51% of my body fat... that is amazing. So many moms stop taking care of themselves in their daily routine of caring for everyone else. I have found that I can care for myself and still care for my husband and children. Thanks Craig, you definitely deserve more credit than was given to you for our success.

Jeanne M
Jeanne M

Thank you Craig for being open to learning about PCOS. I have struggle for about 15 years now with it and people often look at me like I'm crazy when I talk about it. I'm about 120 overweight and trying (once again!) to get healthy. I had mostly given up on myself after going to doctors and even having 2 different trainers that just didn't believe my struggle. I would be told I wasn't exercising as much as I said or that I had to be cheating on my food plan. I finally started giving in and said screw it, if I'm accused of it I might as well do it, so I threw in the towel a couple of years ago. However, I am miserable with my body and how I look and feel. I'm working out consistently again and trying to be healthy. I've only lost 5/12 pounds in the past 2 1/2 weeks, but it's a start. Hopefully one of these days I can find an understanding trainer like you instead of someone who doesn't believe me.


I have been watching Thintervention from the beginning and have felt inspired by the process. I'm sure you have heard/read this a million times but sometimes achieving the dream of a healthy weight/life seems unattainable as a working mom. I am going to REALLY try going forward to apply the knowledge you and Jackie have provided and do the work. This has been a struggle every day of my life and feels like the only thing that holds me back n this world. I truly envy the participants for the experience they have had. You seem like a truly caring individual and I think that added a lot. Wish me luck...