Diet Diaries

Check out what Bryan was eating this week.

Oct 4, 2010

Day 17

Jackie's Shake w/ oatmeal


1 piece Gluten Free Bread w/ turkey, tomato, avocado, mustard and swiss

chicken, grilled veggies, salmon, salad

LOTS of water

1 hour spin class/45 minute chest workout with Craig

Day 18

Jackies Protein Shake w/ Oatmeal (breakfast)

2 Hard boiled eggs (snack)

Ground Chicken w/ broccoli, carrots brown rice (lunch)

Apple & 3 slices of turkey breast (snack)

Halibut with spinach, pineapple salsa and brown rice (dinner)

40 minutes of cardio

30 minutes of workout

Day 19

Jackie's shake w/oatmeal (breakfast)

Apple w/ handful of almonds (snack)

Asian salad with Chicken (lunch)

Orange (snack)

Tuna Tartar (dinner)

Chicken breast w/ grilled veggies (dinner)

2 sips of Grey Goose straight up

Ice tea