Diet Diaries

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Oct 4, 2010


Food Journal Day 20

Jackie's Protein Shake w/ oatmeal


Handful of almonds

Chicken with olives, feta, red onions and basil

Turkey burger wrapped in lettuce with tomato, onion

Sautéed spinach

Food Journal Day 21

Sliced turkey breast


Chicken Breast with spinach and yams


6 oysters

1/4 lb crab

6 pieces of shrimp

4 oz halibut with bok choy,mushrooms, fava bean puree and olive relish 

Tonight was tough as I went to dinner with friends that were all drinking. I had one sip of a greyhound proper and was strong enough to stop there and not continue or order my own...then everyone shared a chocolate bread pudding and I thought I was going to lose my mind...but I held my ground and let them enjoy while I thought of all those calories and how far I have come...was proud of myself:)