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Oct 18, 20100


Day 26

Protein Shake w/ oatmeal

Handful of almonds

1 Chicken kebob w/ brown rice

Kale w/ peanuts

3 pieces of grilled shrimp with roasted tomatoes

Grilled Chicken breast with lentils with squash and wilted greens

Day 27

Protein Shake w/ oatmeal

Chicken breast w/ string beans

Cabbage salad with edamame, daikon and grilled chicken with miso dressing

12 guiltless gourmet baked chips with avocado and red onion


is the food intake in her new book?...looking for shake recipe and menu plans...

Forever Me
Forever Me

I would like to know what type of protein shake bryan is drinking been working out since June and im stuck at this weight for last two weeks im gaining muscle mass losing fat but i still want to decrease my number on the scale