Dr. Ramani

Dr. Ramani shares her own weight loss story (and photos).

on Oct 4, 2010

Instead of losing weight by eating clean, how about losing weight by coming clean?

A heavy handed attempt at coming clean was to toss a lie detector at our unsuspecting cast. The most innovative facet of this show has been that they were not sent to a camp where they were locked down and monitored at all times. THINtervention attempts to get them to lose weight with all of the stresses, temptations, and reminders offered by their usual kitchens and homes –- so cheating is an option. More about the lie detector in a moment. 

Sure –- eating clean is a fast route to weight loss -– the dumping of the sugars and the additional calories all but guarantees weight loss. But clean ain't that simple. COMING clean means telling the truth, and owning your history.  Once the psychological weight is dumped, the physical weight starts to follow. 

Our clients did this work –- they really did -- you just don't get to see it because there is just too much from each week to fit into each episode. And our resident armchair with a Ph.D. –- Dr. Ramani -– was proud to be a witness to this and to facilitate this process for them.  

So perhaps it is time for the good doctor to come clean. You don’t get to hear about her own coming clean this week on the show, but she did and perhaps her personal story will awaken the possibility of weight loss for everyone -–even in a world with no Jackie coming to your house, no daily training sessions, and no personal chefs. (and you can see what happens in therapy when Dr. Ramani reveals her weight loss on the bonus video content featured at bravotv.com).