Dr. Ramani

Dr. Ramani explains that the real challenge is to break bad habits.

on Sep 3, 2010

Habits are automatic.  When was the last time you really THOUGHT about brushing your teeth or fastening a seat belt? You just do it.  For our 8 clients, eating the wrong foods or too many of them is a habit.  Cheeseburgers – habit.  Cookies – habit.  Cocktails – habit.  Breaking a habit is damn near impossible, and losing a habit means creating a hole that needs to be filled.  Hopefully with a healthy habit. 

Emotion is tougher.  Listen to how they talked about food:  "I LOVE food, it's..my culture."  "I feel naked without a cocktail."  "Ice cream is kryptonite."  Giving cookies a "last kiss goodnight."  In their worlds food is love, food is erotic, food is power, food is family.   When you take away their pie – you don’t just take away sugar and flour – you take away grandma.

When Jackie did the great sugar massacre she was in essence asking them to kick a lover and friend out of the house. It was actually the removal of an undermining partner – one who would be a familiar quick fix, but harmful in the long run. Regulation of sugar intake is a challenge for this group, and when you remove the quick fix, you give the person pause to really think about whether they really need it.