Dr. Ramani

Dr. Ramani explains that the real challenge is to break bad habits.

on Sep 3, 2010

Translating calories into activity is a powerful metaphor – and Bryan's cookie stairway to heaven was a prime example of that.  An INTENSE hour on a treadmill can burn between 600-800 calories.  That’s equal to a medium bowl of pasta or a hamburger. Three minutes in, an hour out. Joe and others commented on how what they were doing with Jackie and Craig was nothing they had ever done before in a gym.  Exercise is not just about showing up – but about pushing hard.  

So we have two struggles ahead of us in the next several weeks with our group of clients – (a) changing habits, and (b) getting to the core of the emotions around eating. A burger is not a parent, ice cream is not a lover, we are not Hobbits thus, 3 breakfasts is two too many. Changing eating habits is just as much about addressing thoughts and feelings as about behavior.

Learn from our weight loss warriors. Step away from the cookie. This week – throw out one sugary food per day, add one healthy habit per day, take the stairs, and stop whining – it's your health, mind and body. Own it.