Dr. Ramani

Dr. Ramani discusses the challenges the group will face once the program ends and how to confront them.

on Oct 18, 2010



This is it kids –- we are about to send the fledglings from the nest. Into the mean world of fried calamari, Kobe sliders, cocktails, and enabling friends. They had seven weeks of assistance with food, intensive personal training, and group therapy with a psychologist, and it's all about to go away. 

Tonight we learn how they got so overweight, and if they can do this on their own.

During therapy this week (and less than stellar weight losses) they shared how the pounds got on them, and most of us can empathize. They got there by equating love with food, using food as a crutch, a way of making excuses, a mode of coping with depression, a reward, falling in love and the complacence that typically follows, the absence of emotion, self-loathing. 

So the reasons were as varied as falling in love, falling out of love, and everything in between.

Those things are still going to happen to them. They are still going to get depressed, and they are still going to look for rewards and excuses in their lives. 

So when they are sad, or angry, or lonely, or celebrating, how will they stop themselves from reaching for the taco rather than the treadmill? The waffles instead of weights? Four ounces of steak instead of the sixteen ounce cut? Bottom line – IT WON'T BE EASY.