Dr. Ramani

Dr. Ramani knows that mistakes happen, but the participants can't let that discourage them.

on Sep 7, 2010

If a shark stops moving it dies.

I was told that this happens because a shark's dense body mass is such that it would sink if it didn't move. 

That analogy may apply to our warriors running in the rain. The key for them was to not stop –- and psychologically, if they stopped, they would sink.  

Jackie grew impatient with Nikki during the initial workout –- saying, "She's like a child that needs attention."  Well, yeah, we sort of established that during our therapy sessions –- the world quit Nikki as a child, she is quitting herself as an adult.  

Ironically, Nikki won the grocery store challenge. Well, not so ironic. Let's face it, in general terms people know the "right" way to eat. This isn't rocket science. Marshmallows bad, grilled chicken good. Grapefruit in syrup bad. Grapefruit you peel good. Most smokers know smoking causes lung cancer, most overweight people know calories cause weight gain. We eat badly because eating is driven more by emotion and less by common sense.