Dr. Ramani

Dr. Ramani confirms Joe's rice pudding comment. And don't worry, she didn't let Nikki's eye roll go unnoticed. 

on Sep 22, 2010


How you treat others is often a window into how you treat yourself. 

Thus, it is no wonder our group of seven got to this point of weight gain and is now struggling to take it off. This is no longer novelty, and tempers are flaring as they make some real lifestyle changes. They treat each other horribly, and that is clearly a parallel process for how they treat themselves. Weight loss is not just about exercise and diet. It is about valuing yourself enough to treat yourself with respect.  When you eat badly, avoid physical activity, drink too much, and put yourself down – you are disrespecting your body and your mind. Treat yourself with respect and it logically stands that you will treat others with respect.

Mandy, who may be the consistently kindest of the bunch, states that she was told by her grandmother, "If you are kind to people then your kids will be lucky." If that proverb is true, then I don't want to take any of their kids (with the exception of Mandy's) to Vegas.

The disdain and antipathy was oozing out of everyone – Shay's infuriating interaction with Joe at Mandy's dinner, Nikki's nasty ribbing of Stacy about an upcoming date, Nikki and Bryan's comments about Jeana. While you didn't hear my comments about it – Nikki's mean-spirited eye-rolling about Stacy's tears in therapy did not go unnoticed.