Jackie's Tips

The biggest reason people get fat is sugar.

on Sep 1, 2010


Begin my 5 + 2 Plan only after you’ve completed the two-week jump start.

Each day, eat five meals: breakfast, lunch, and dinner, plus a midmorning and mid-afternoon snack.

Choose four proteins, three vegetables, two fruits, two grains, and one fat from the hormone/balancer/detox list of foods.

Eat a serving of protein at breakfast, lunch, dinner, and one snack.  Add a slow-digesting carb, such as a vegetable, oatmeal, beans, or legumes, whole-grain bread, or brown rice, at lunch and dinner.

Limit your intake of whole grains to no more than twice a day. 

Add veggies to two of your meals and one snack or to a protein shake.

Eat low-fat dairy foods (including hard cheeses) sparingly- no more than two servings a day.  But remember: no milk.

Eat two servings of fresh fruit daily.  Enjoy them with meals, as desserts, or as snacks and try to combine them with protein.

Eat a variety of foods each week.  Rotate your fruits, veggies, and protein selections frequently. 

Drink three liters of water daily. 


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