Jackie's Tips

Get the recipe for Jackie's famous shake!

on Sep 10, 2010


Jackie’s Famous Shake Recipe

- Blend a whey protein shake every morning adding the following:  1 handful of fresh or frozen spinach (the fruit cuts the strong green flavor), 1 cup of frozen mixed berries, the recommended daily dose of flaxseed oil, amino acid powder, water, and ice.  This is packed with your allotted food before you even start your day!  

- Microwave frozen broccoli (a cup) and gulp it down like a vitamin. Think of veggies as easy-to-eat fat burners.  


- In order to lose one pound a week, you need to create a weekly caloric deficit of thirty five hundred calories, or five hundred fewer calories a day (500 X 7 days = 1 pound of weight loss per week).  This means that by cutting out five hundred calories of unnecessary calories each day, or burning five hundred calories a day by exercising-or both-you’d be able to drop a pound or more a week.  On average, you can eat fifteen to eighteen hundred calories a day to lose around two pounds a week, as long as you stay active.