Jeana's starting to feel energized and is ready for Mr. Right (no matter how much money he has).

on Sep 22, 2010

The drive from OC to LA has been a killer for me. An hour and a half in the car leaves me dragging, and the days are all starting to run together. I usually get home and go right to bed. You can tell that I am quiet and tired the first few weeks. That's if you can spot me. Most of the time I would just duck my head and workout, even my family had trouble finding me in the gym. 

But by the third week of Thintervention things start to get a little easier for me. My body is starting to be able to do 30 minutes of cardio without quitting. I feel so much stronger and healthier already. Eating the correct portions and following Jackie's book, "This Is Why You're Fat," has really helped me. My energy level is really picking up! 

I think next week when they all drive down to the OC to work out you will see a different Jeana. The days that my friend, Allan, can drive me and I can catch a nap in the back makes it so much easier. I get a lot of criticism about my friend and his role in all this. It is hard to make huge changes in your life on camera, and I admire him for taking the steps to get out of his own abusive relationship, and thankful that he can steer me through my own. I'm dating a few different guys and none of them are really right for me. They each do have something to offer, although Bryan's comment about my having rich men is laughable. My men may be rich in personality and looks, but no one supports me but me. Since I'm not able to continue dating three guys, I'll just wipe the slate clean and start over. I'm not willing to settle at this point in my life; I want it all. I am the supporting person in most of my relationships but I want it to be 50/50. I don't want to do all the relationship work anymore. Driving to LA for a date -- not happening.