Why did Jeana loves this week's extreme workout? She comes from a family of firefighters.

on Sep 28, 2010


This week finds me a lot happier and healthier. My weight is coming off, my endurance is up and I've found a great guy to date who's really enjoying my new muscles! I'm eating clean, but I still love a glass of wine with dinner. My body really aches after our workouts and it's the only thing that relaxes me -- especially after the 3½ hours riding in a car everyday. 

My strong work ethic is starting to reappear as my depression fades into the background, I have stopped all my anti-depressant meds and tossed my Lipitor for cholesterol, I am feeling like a new person.

This episode's workout, "Bringing Out the Inner Warrior," is in Irvine, California at The Orange County Fire Authority. It's the training ground for all the firemen. I was excited when I drove in. My father and 3 brothers were firemen so I grew up immersed in the idea of people helping other people. My oldest brother, James, recently retired as a Battalion Chief in Franklin, Wisconsin. A little trivia about me: I was on the Ski Patrol in Wisconsin. Yes, we had a ski hill there! Coming from the Midwest and having that public service background, I knew this was going to be my day to shine. Besides, I can get dressed faster than any woman I have ever met. 

Having a man in my life makes a huge difference to me. I know I talk about my relationships a lot and it annoys Stacy. We aren't getting along that great. She doesn't appreciate my wanting to help everyone; something about myself that I am trying to stop and change. No more enabling!