Why did Jeana loves this week's extreme workout? She comes from a family of firefighters.

on Sep 28, 2010

This is my favorite workout so far. It was tough racing up six stories in all that gear and hot, heavy boots. The fire station we visited has had some amazing stories lately. During a recent brush fire, they had 25 men trapped under silver foil tents on top of a burning mountain for 15 minutes until the airplanes could dump water and retardant on them. Listening to all the stories was really exciting. We got to experience a lot of training, not all of it was shown on the program, and now I actually feel like I am better prepared for disasters. Everyone at the station was so encouraging. I hope we showed them the respect they deserve; they are true heroes to me. Last week was the big memorial motorcycle ride for Jim Owens, OCFA fireman, who passed away during training. In lieu of flowers, a donation was sent to the Fallen Firemen Foundation's families charity. 

We were all so frightened when Bryan got heat exhaustion; he always gives 110 percent and I know he was disappointed to not finish. Mandy and I loved this drill. Mandy is kicking ass this week. My weight loss isn't as rapid as the people who have a lot to lose, but I am doing it at my pace. I'm ready to change my life, but I won't hurt myself doing it. 

Any time I can spend with Kara I love, so this episode is especially fun for me. She is becoming such a great young lady! I don't always agree with everything she says, but I do respect her right to her own opinions.

I dreaded the workout with Jackie because it looked like rain. Running in the rain doesn't appeal to me. The mud was so thick I felt like I was going to break my ankles. A test of my inner warrior! You can tell Bryan and Joe really have been working on their cardio. I need to step mine up. Shay and Mandy are like the Energizer bunny; they just keep going and going at the same pace. I'm not able to run the whole way. I'm more of a sprinter/walker. Stacy's sniping at me to keep running kind of irritated me. I'm grumpy and not in the mood for her opinion. She's half my age! I zip my lip and keep walking. I don't know why Stacy accuses me of not doing my laps. It's true I didn't count because other people where doing that for us, but I know I lapped her many times. Running in the mud like Secretariat, I feel the rain on my face and pray for the end. Mall walker?! It was our hardest workout to date and my drive home was wet and long.