Our former OC housewife dishes about her fellow participants and the new man in her life.

on Sep 20, 2010


I loved joining the cast of Thintervention, I had been trying for years to lose weight, and then I got the call from Andy Cohen.  I really enjoyed meeting the others, Bryan, who runs the film company, and wants to lose 60 lbs was very sweet and interesting. Joe, who runs the event planning, was a little outspoken and rubbed me the wrong way initially with some of his comments about women.  Mandy, a Mom like myself, seemed to be easy to like, we have a lot in common.  Stacy was a little bothered by me being there as she didn’t think 25 lbs was enough of a goal for me to be a part of the group. I learned a lot about her disease the first week.  Nikki was funny and kept me laughing and guessing about what she really does for a living. Her not wanting to quit drinking was really tough on her first week’s workout.  I waited for Jackie to get angry at her, she was so honest about her cocktailing, but Jackie knew she had to handle her differently. I didn’t get a feel for Shannon,(Shay) or Kim the first week, they stayed to themselves.