Our former OC housewife dishes about her fellow participants and the new man in her life.

on Sep 20, 2010

Our first assignment was to clear the sugar and junk from our house, it was hard to throw food away. Even my yogurt was wrong!  Jackie surprising me after my morning walk was a little unnerving.  I would have loved to have been there to greet her, I wonder who let her in the gate, must have been my chef, Allan.  I was thrilled to get Jackie‚Äôs book and be on my way to a fitter lifestyle!  I feel you show love by cooking and having food in the house for the family.  I just have to make it healthier.  Of course my kids still eat pizza and pasta, I just make something else for me.  

The first week is exhausting, but I am  thrilled to lose 4 lbs. I love lemon juice in my water, and still drink it every morning.  I am looking forward to getting to know my new friends in the upcoming weeks.  The kids are all excited that I am making this change in my life, I started dating a great guy, and he was thrilled with my first 4 lb loss. My life is starting to cheer me up, and I am going to stop taking my anti depressants. I feel like this is a start to a new adventure for me, and I am jumping in with both feet.  The first week left me happy and exhausted, but ready to take it on again next week.  I love Jackie, and I know Craig will help me through the training also.