Stacy gets a surprise visit and workout from Jackie.

Sep 13, 20100

So this week Shay and I got paired up and we have to figure out our own buddy workout and detox meal. I’m excited that lobster is on Jackie’s list of detox foods, because who says you can’t get healthy elegantly? Hopefully Shay likes our meal, and I can get to know her more. I am worried that without the professionals Shay and I won’t get the hardcore workout we need this week.

So Jackie surprised Shay and I with a one on one workout. I was really excited and a little frightened! I’m sorry; those abdominals of hers scare me…It’s only Shay and I, so if we mess up or don’t give 100% Jackie will be able to see everything! Luckily we got a really good workout, and I’m really looking forward to my stamina getting better. It needs to get better soon; I am not a fan of not being able to breathe.

Stacy C
Stacy C

Thanks Alexis! That's amazing that you are taking control and setting an example for your family! You are so lucky that you are young (like me) so the weight will come off easier for you (it'll still be tough) and it will be a lifestyle change for good! thanks for watching :)



alexis s.
alexis s.

Your such an inspiration for me. Im almost 17 and im 238 pounds, i was watching the show and watching you work hard on that hill and saw how your losing weight and it made me stop and say "i CAN do this". First thing i did in the morning was talk to my family and start ridding our kitchen of unhealthy foods. Thank you so much for inspiring me! Not only will this help Me, but it's going to help my whole family get in shape. good luck! i know you can do it!