Bryan dishes on his fellow cast mates in his weekly journal.

Sep 20, 20100

Day 14

Today's workout was hideous...I could barely get through it. I have never sweated so much in my entire life. My shirt was drenched. Thought I was going to kill some people in the gym for being highly dramatic. Names shall not be named, but I think you know whom I am talking about.

Day 15

Dinner at Mandy's house was great! She is such an amazing woman and has the most beautiful family...Everyone so well behaved and loving. Dinner was interesting as people had to confront others...Watching Joe and Shay go back and forth was INSANE!

Day 16

Is Jeana for real? Something is not right with her...Bless her heart. Is Allan her chef, driver, roommate, accountant, hair stylist, "special friend" or all of the above? She needs to quit referring to him as someone that works for her...It's very gauche.

Day 17

Nikki is killing me. I had a chat with her regarding taking the program seriously. She insists that she is going to...I keep offering my help - but I am not sure if she is taking me seriously. She is a wickedly funny girl with a sweet heart - I hope that she is able to dig deep and really do the work it takes. I believe in her - I just hope she believes in herself.

Kyra B
Kyra B


I just have to say, you are seriously hilarious and I can't get enough of watching you on the show. Also, not to be melodramatic, but it's inspiring to see how far you have come in your life in spite of your childhood. Keep up the good work and keep making us laugh!

Amy G
Amy G

You go Bryan! You, above all the others, have truly inspired me. From taking the steps resulting from eating those three cookies to taking the steps at the stadium, you are giving it all you have got! Kudos to you. By the way I am sure you noticed how quickly you were taking the stadium steps. The endurance is already building. Jackie's program really works when you stick to it. We can't wait to see how everything unfolds over the coming weeks!